About Zipporah


Raised in an Orthodox Jewish home in New York, Zipporah Bennett, as a young woman found that her spiritual needs were not being met in the synagogue. Deep within her burned the question, “Where is God?” This began a long quest which ended in a remarkable encounter with the Messiah in the Hawaiian Islands in 1970, that totally changed her life and brought her on yet another pilgrimage—to live in the Land of Israel!

Zipporah received a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University in 1962, and continued on for her MA. Upon her arrival in Israel, after mastering the language, she was offered a teaching position at the Hebrew University as a doctoral assistant. There she was asked to develop and teach four different courses. Her direction changed focus with her marriage to Ramon, and she was led into full time work for the Lord to serve the young emerging Body of Messiah.

Living in the Land and with a heart for indigenous worship, and a pioneer at heart, Zipporah set scripture to song using the original Hebrew texts of the Bible in a unique Hebraic style, which stems from her synagogue background. Her songs became extremely popular in the congregations, and she emerged as one of Israel’s foremost composers of Hebrew Messianic worship. She has released four very popular albums and her songs are being sung and played not only throughout Israel, but in many other countries of the world—practically anywhere those with Jewish hearts worship the Holy One of Israel. Her songs are even played on secular radio stations throughout Eastern Europe.

Due to the many requests from overseas, Zipporah’s latest release is a Hebrew-English album—also available in Hebrew-Spanish and Hebrew-German editions. Zipporah’s songs were specifically composed for congregations.

Zipporah is currently involved in facilitating regular bi-lingual prayer, worship, and intercession from the Jerusalem Prayer Tower, in the heart of Jerusalem. She heads four teams and works to raise up younger believers.

Zipporah traveled extensively with her husband, Ramon. She is an anointed speaker, drawing insights from the original Hebrew texts of the Bible and is no stranger to ministering in ladies meetings around the world. Being asked so frequently to share about her life resulted in Zipporah authoring a book entitled, Return, Daughter of Zion!



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