Remove the Veil, Lord!

In these times: war today, peace today and threat of war tomorrow; we have desire for peace and at the same time, to dispel our enemies forcefully. Rockets fly, and then the lulls…we need greater revelation. Father! Draw us in to that place of safety and intimacy in your presence where we can see beyond the worlds in collision to where you are! Focusing on the situation is overwhelming.

“Why do the heathen rage?”(Psalm 2:1) We need your Grace to abound in us that we might attain to that place where you sit smiling in the heavens unfazed. You remain still as a summer’s day in the midst of the vain attempts to thwart your plans and purposes for us and the Land. Grant us that composure.

Take us into your counsel. Draw us to the place where we belong, seated with you in Heavenly places.

Your secrets are with those that fear you (Psalm 25:14). Your council is in intimacy. Commentators say that this word “secret” in Hebrew (sod) comes from the word for couch or divan, reminiscent of the orientals who gathered and reclined on couches in intimate consultations.

Oh, to be in that place, like John, leaning on your breast, hearing your very heartbeat. That is where we long to be in these times!

Take us in