The Occupation!

Here in Israel, we hear shouts from both the left-wing opposition and the Arab front saying “enough of the occupation”.  They don’t want to be invaded or controlled by another power.

But let us reflect for a moment on that concept of occupation in the spiritual realm. What can we say?

In Hebrew this word can used different ways and can mean both to capture, or to occupy.

As I ponder the scriptures,  and meditate on my daily reading of the Bible, I have to ask  questions.

To capture is one thing.  We have all had mountaintop experiences at some point or other. We can all remember a time when God captured our hearts on this or that occasion.

To occupy is another.  Does the Spirit of God invade our every thought, our every reflection, every space in our souls? Has He continued to occupy our hearts to this very moment on our journey with the same passion, with that same intensity, or to the same degree to this very day?

Expand the mansions of my soul this day the Lord, take complete control, invade and occupy every space, I pray.  Wash out every thought that does not belong there, everything that has contaminated and defiled my thoughts, taking me away from You, the central focus of my life.